Monthly Archives: December 2008

Hanging on to a Thread – or Bio Experimentation that does so much good!

We wonder always at stem cell research, but how much do we really know?

It has a tremendous power and we have seen the results of a girl whose eyes didn’t work properly because the cord which connects the signals coming from her eyes, didn’t quite connect with the visual cortex. Stem cells were injected and now she is getting the joy of vision.

Let’s step back a bit. Supposing you couldn’t see? Would you go the lengths of having an experimental surgery in a foreign country where there are fewer governmental rules about medical procedures, before they are allowed to be enacted?

People from the United States go to get expensive surgeries done in the country of India because the surgery and the return flight there doesn’t cost as much as the surgery alone would cost in this country.

We have some thinking to do…


Beauty at a Price

A little Asian bird told me that nightingale poop does wonders for the skin, along with pineapple slices, applied directly to the face. Along with these unconventional things, Japanese women have been drinking collagen extract to improve the texture of their skin. This has been proven to work and also has a very beneficial effect on the joints in someone’s body. I am wondering if people in America will be ready to scoop bird poop for their skin…

Lasik is no longer the only way to revive eyes without eye glasses or contact lenses. A new pioneering method involves the placing of a new generation of implantable “Crystalens” which can improve vision to 20/15! These lens are intraocular lenses (IOLs) which help restore all-distance vision to aging eyes. These are being offered by Dr Paul Dougherty, who has been working in Lasik surgery for a number of years now and has offices all over the Los Angeles/Ventura County area.